Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project: "I love cats, I just can't eat a whole one by myself" or "Kitten Holding Cell"

2 so-called abandoned kittens hanging out at my dads.

Sister wants an outdoor cat (or 2).

I helped her make a 'Kitten Holding Cell'

Had some vinyl screen laying around, used jigsaw to cut out the lid.

Electric staplegun to staple down screen. Bend over tips. 

Insert Kittens.

ƒin !

What I've been up to - Marble tile front entrance

Media shelves are mudded and ready for prime & paint. I'm just waiting to get the material for the actual shelves so that I can paint them at the same time as the drywall.

So I decided to do another project that had been put off long enough.

Got this marble tile from lowes for the same price as most not so nice ceramic so we got it for our front entryway.

This tile leveling system is great for granite and marble tiles. 
Because these tiles have a clean edge you want them to definitely be nice and level otherwise its way more noticeable. A tile like in my bathroom floor, which is ceramic but has a tumbled edge detail. isn't quite as noticeable when not perfectly level. That being said, this world isn't perfect and I've learned to ease up sometimes on  making things perfect. There is a level that you can get to where only you notice the really close up details because you were working on it, that other people will not see observing from a 'safe' distance. The trick is not pointing out these mistakes after the job is done...oops.

There is a T-mold transition piece to go over the tile and laminate floor gap but I have to order another section of it. Will post pictures when that is installed.

Also I ended up buying a surge protector/receptacle-in-one. Worked out to be the easiest solution because either way I had to put a single-gang box with a receptacle in it. So why not skip all the other wiring nonsense in this case since I had an outlet on the wall beneath this one to wire into.

This is basically what I got except I got it from home depot and it goes with their 'structured wiring' system for home networking, a/v and garbage. I just used the receptacle and put in an old-work single-gang box. Its hidden pretty well when standing at normal height. (6 foot that is, ehem :)  not a word Ryan!


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