Tuesday, August 31, 2010

error error error

I'm not very happy at the moment, this picasa thing has really messed me up. Only the first few blog posts have their pictures missing, so that is all well and good. But the whole way I was uploading them from the Picasa program got messed up, and there seems no real way to make it work that way again.

It just made the process of uploading the pictures to picasaweb.google.com several more clicks difficult. It may sound petty, but it was a big deal. And now its a hassle

If this were a normal hosted site, the pictures would be in a folder on the server, and have the name I uploaded them with. I could simply upload them again as long as they are still in the camera's name format of 100_4697.jpeg   The camera just names them based on number of pictures ever taken.

In that scenario, after clicking on a picture to view it larger,  you might see something in your address bar like this:

Whereas picasa web albums even if I delete the whole online album, make one the same name locally and set it up to sync automatically when I add pictures to it, (Like It Was Working Originally Before The All Too Easy Delete) it still names it differently because of a simple url like above it looks like this:

So in all the gibberish they change something so that I cannot go back to how I was unless I want to re-add the pictures to all the ( I know not that many) posts I have to this point manually to match the Brand New Gibberish

In case you could not tell, this is a rant. Not even that good of one. Except that I am quite annoyed, and it's helping me.

Its a very good reason to get site hosting now. Just not the way I wanted to go about making that switch one day, If ever.

So in the end, Picasa isn't doing that great a job keeping in sync web and local albums when if you hit delete on the local album that is synced online and it slowly starts deleting them online, Then you hit cancel. It loses all knowledge of what used to be. Importing the online album doesn't do it, and downloading the online album through picasa's menus. . . doesn't do it. It still turns out to be a new album and New gibberish.
If everything that I put up can this easily be undone because I'm working via Free channels, then I'm not sure where that leaves me, oh wait. . .yes I do!


Just letting anyone know that cares.

Error, error error. . .

Okay we all know that computers work exactly how we want 100% of the time right?

Literally, I got 3/4 of the way through typing the above sentence and this happened, I KID YOU NOT!

Yes you see what I did, One screen went all Red, and the other all black. I guess the computer wanted to freeze.

Ok now this is another screw up completely unrelated to what I was just going to post.... I was using Picasa 3 and through an "apparent" mis-click, I started deleting the jonofalltrades online album.  Whatever, I completely know which album I Said to delete. Anyways, after I make sure all the pictures are back online, I will write what I set out to. Luckily the pictures are all numbered by the camera and I have everything I upload in a certain local folder so uploading them will be a cinch, besides waiting on slow internet. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Living Room A/V setup - Part 2 update

Got the Front speakers done now.

Bought a strip of metal from home depot to hang the front speakers off the tv.

I cheated and went to work (machine shop) to shear these to length and drill speaker wire holes, slot out the mounting holes.


Milling holes for speaker wire and slotting mounting holes to allow for adjustment.

Speaker wire holes

The center bracket really needed to be a half inch or so longer. But I'm not going to buy another piece just to fix this as somewhere down the road when I upgrade speakers these won't be usable anyways I'm sure.

The right and left speakers I used an 1½" spacer to bring the speakers back flush with the front of the screen.

And you can see that I used split-loom to hide the speaker cables all the way to the wall.

Next is to get the power cable into the wall and into a surge protector safely. I'm going to be doing a homebrew/diy version of the Powerbridge

Basically you should Not run the power cable that goes into a tv or computer behind the drywall. Reason being that the cable could get warm and over time without the heat escaping, insulation become brittle, etc etc, house fire, Insurance not cover because of a code violation. etc etc. You get the picture.

So I will post about this when I actually do it.

Meantime you might want to check your Flat panel tv (if you  have one) and make sure the power cable isn't getting (pretty) warm. If it is you need to get a thicker gauge cable.

In my case, I need a 16 gauge cable for my 50" plasma because the 18 gauge was heating up. I'm not sure but maybe with 42" you can get away with the 18 gauge wire which is more common, for computers and smaller pc monitors, etc.
I tried a 16 gauge that came with my PC upgraded power supply, and it seems to be fine so. . .



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