Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Real Vegetable Garden

Here is something to compare my beginners garden to.

My sisters garden has a lot more going on as you can see.

This year my brother-in-law bought her a Harbor Freight 10' x 12' greenhouse for her birthday/christmas. I helped him build the 16' x 16' deck it is sitting on that they wanted and together (in the pouring rain sometimes) we put up the greenhouse.

She's had much success with getting her plants/seeds going this year inside the greenhouse before planting them out in the garden. The only challenge to come will be winterizing the greenhouse as the wall panels are a corrugated plastic that are clipped in with little spring clips. As such even an inch of snow here in N.E. Ohio would likely knock in the roof panels. Not sure what is going to happen there but I'll post their solution when the time comes.

Our First Vegetable Garden

Our first (little) garden here in Kirtland. I made the raised bed by taking two pieces of plywood and some left over stair treads and forming this "L" shaped box. It's only L shaped because the length of wood I had sitting around wouldn't allow me to go longer. I used some nails because they held pretty well and I didn't have any screws. First hammering the tip of the nail so they wouldn't split the wood. Then I filled it with some soil from a pile of what I thought was all top soil but in the end turned out to have more clay than I wanted. So, after the addition of some 4 5-gallon buckets of sand, 4- 5 gallon buckets of compost dirt from my sisters, and about of hour of hoeing we were ready to plant.

We got 2 green pepper plants, 1 cherry tomato plant and a pack of beans from Marc's for $1 each. Basil plant was closer to $2. Bush Cucumber plants for making pickles were $1.50 per double package (4 little plants, I think), anyways I got those off my sister also for about 6 bucks total. We also got some Dill seeds from Lowes for $1.50 or so.

Going to hit up some garage sales today, pick up some tomato cages from (again) my sister for the tomato plant, and whatever else comes up. Packed a lunch too!


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