Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Living Room A/V setup - Part 2

Part 2 is the built in shelf that I only had a hole in the wall for back when drywalling the rest of the house.
You see it in the pictures in Living Room A/V setup - Part 1 as a dehumidifier box in the wall.

The hole goes into the garage.

Couple of cell phone shots of the framing going in.

Using 2x4 's that have been sitting around too long,
twisted boards do not make for a pleasant project.

Finished attaching drywall.

Ran an outlet into the media shelves that will sit below the first shelf, hidden from sight. This is where I will put a powers strip/surge protector. And another on the upper right hand side so that you won't see it either while sitting viewing the tv. If you can't tell I get nit-picky about wires and things being "just so".  Also ran some video cables to the tv. As well as 5.1 surround speaker wires around the room.

When I get to the shelves, which there will be 4 of,  I'll leave a space at the back so that any go-between cables/ power cords can fall down the back and stay out of sight.

Next I'll be mudding it up and installing/making a couple speaker mounts.


  1. Mr. JonOfAllTrades,

    Wouldn't it be way cool to condition your power before it enters your entertainment hole? It would be sweet to have a surge protector/conditioner/battery back-up at your electrical box that just protected whatever breakers you wanted it to.

    Won't you see the wires dangling down between the shelves?

    Are you concerned about overheating problems with you entertainment box? I know this one crazy guy that had to put an exhaust fan and duct work on his entertainment hole.

    What color will your hole be?

    I think you should hang beads over the hole. And you should definitely put the surge protector down with the breaker box so that you can put a strobe light and fog machine in the bottom part were the surge protector is supposed to be.

  2. Thats Jon to you son,

    Lots of things would be cool, like having a new surround sound system. Unfortunately lots of things cost little bits of money that add up.
    I already have a surge protecting breaker that supposedly protects the whole panel. Please don't ask me how it works, if it works. The things about surge protectors is, they really only protect you from some of the higher variances in AC power. They will NOT stop lightening and they will NOT stop your electronics from potentially having their internals wore out from the interference or constantly changing AC power coming into your home. Even electronics that turn the AC into DC before using it suffer performance when they cannot completely clean up the 'signal' of power. Examples would be static in radio, flickering lights (burnt up electronics).

    At the risk of this comment turning into a post itself. Look up TVSS if anyone out there wants to clean up their power source for an expensive electronic purchase. (plasma tv)

    You will not see the wires dangling down the shelves, to answer another question of yours, the hole will be black, and it is deep enough that when run in the front of the house corner, the cords will be hidden from view.

    Not conerned with overheating, there will not be enough power sucking devices to make so much heat that a full open faced shelf will over heat them.

    You and your strobe light fog machine ideas make me think of the geico commercial I see on with the old man and gecko in the conference room. . . button confusion, lights dim, flashing lights and House music start thumping.


  4. Dear Mr. JonOfAllTrades,

    How does your surge protecting breaker that supposedly protects the whole panel work? Does it work?

    How can you say, "they will NOT stop your electronics from potentially having their internals wore out from the interference or constantly changing AC power coming into your home", that's their only job?

  5. or this, Instant party button. The guy really automated all the stuff in the video.

  6. I guess I made a bold statement, they will do a very good job at suppressing surges, but eventually some electronic you have plugged into them will fail inexplicably.. fail like my router did this summer, fail like every hard drive that enters your house.

  7. Why does it still say Mpower said. . .

  8. Yeah, that's what I've been trying to tell you! I can't figure it out! I also can't figure out how I ended up with two accounts. I also can't figure out how to delete one of them. I can't figure out how to change my name, I can't figure out anything!!!

    I will always be Mr. RyanOfOneTrade! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!



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