Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coming Soon-ish? to a YouFace Box Near You !

So I've been kicking around some more ideas about the blog and YouTube while I've been laying low from having my wise-dumb teeth all yanked out. And I'm not sure if JonOfAllTradesBlog is going to be the way I want to go. I mean it is, and it isn't. It isn't in that I couldn't actually get JonOfAllTrades on YouTube, it is taken. So no biggie right? I just added blog or vlog to it, I have both of those now. But it does matter when I look at it from the tiered perspective that I'm thinking about insomuch that I'd like to have a kind of brand, with Jonofalltrades under it not on top of it. I'm really not 100% sure and its kind of hard to explain it all out in writing.   Only because What names can fall under Jon of all trades. This will make sense further down.
Also JonOfAllTrades while possible to have videos that are not just howto etc, it still feels like too complex or specific a name (brand) to be about random other stuff which brings me to ..

So because I'd like to do alot of videos that are not just 'how-to' , 'heres my bathroom', heres how to scrape mortar.. (because quite frankly there needs to be something unique there) I've come up with a few names so far that I'd like some input on.

First I had TheChristieClan or just ChristieClan. This left something to be desire still. Becuase how do I add more personalities under that.. I dunno it just doesn't feel right. Might still be ...more likely this next one though.

Then based on my xbox halo nickname 'Dirty6ird' of days gone by I thought up of TheChristieBirds, or more likely ChristieBirds. Because dirtybird just doesn't ring up positive to anyone but our close friends or family that may know it.

So taking ChristieBirds as a top tier or main brand. There are options under that  JBird for me, BabyBird someday etc... But I could also just be JonOfAllTradesBlog or JonOfAllTradesVlog under ChristieBirds.

I know alot of this isn't making sense but it just might be helping me make a decision so there. You probably wonder what does it all matter, what is your POINT?!  Shaycarl and the ShayTards for example.

ok give me some input here..



  1. It's good to see you really brainstorming and being very intentional about the direction your growing your idea.

    So am I understanding this right? You want to have a main blog (ChritieBirds) with sub blogs (JonOfAllTrades,BabyBird,NyssiPoo), thus dividing topics by the author not the subject like cooking, Craigslist, dinning room, drinks and so on?

    I think it could work. I don't think I would kill the JonOfAllTrades name, I'd find a way to incorporate it into your new hierarchy. But I have a tendency to stick with things for to long just because I've been working on them already. So maybe it wouldn't be the worst loss if you ditched JonOfAllTrades for a different name that would fall under the new ChristieBird heading (DirtyBird). But bringing JonOfAllTrades in to a new hierarchy may breath new life into it. And maybe you shouldn't feel the need to have Bird in the name of every subheading.

    As far as video content goes, Youtube is the obvious choice but I think a much more rich user experience could be had if access to those videos could be found on a separate custom web site. Although that would probably be a lot more work, so maybe that's something that could happen in the future and run parallel to the Youtube thing.

    And yes, ChristieBird is better than ChristieClan, I think. Although, outsiders will not understand where "Bird" comes from, they won't care eventually.

  2. 1. you are sort of understanding right, its not so much about a blog or a this or that as just a cohesive name/brand/recognition.
    2. I'm not married to 'bird' it was just the better attempt at making a moniker based on my old nickname, because I don't really have any others. except for Jon (Jonathan). In Fact ChristieBirds is not sitting well with me at all. I think I'm going to table it, or shelve it depending on which way you use that term. I'm putting it away.



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