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How To Set Up Easy Minecraft Server 1.1 Hamachi!

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Main Channel: Easy setup of Minecraft Server 1.1 using Hamachi to play with friends over the Internet.

Actually takes less time than the video!

Forget the port forwarding headache!

Alright Hello and How are you doing everyone, I'm going to show you how to setup a Minecraft server at home so you can play with your friends across the internet.

This really is quick and easy, you could probably do it much faster than the length of this video, if you already knew how so don't be discouraged by the length :)

Keep in mind you need a fairly powerful computer with probably at least 4gb of ram to do this all on the same machine but you can always give it a shot if you have less.

Also the server doesn't necessarily have to be on the computer you are playing on so if your computer has only 2gb of ram consider that if you have multiple computers in your home.

1. First thing you'll want to do is go download logmein's hamachi, there is a link for the download under step 1 in the description below.

pause here if you want install it then i'll tell you how to setup the server it is really easy

Now that you have hamachi installed go ahead and hit the power buttom here if it isnt already connected and itl do a little this n that then you when its done youll want to click network then create a new network. Give it a name and a password and you are all set on that end.

2. Now assuming you already own minecraft you'll want to go to, click on download and download this server.exe

Decide where you want to keep your server files. Somewhere like in your user account folder.
Create a new folder and name it something like Minecraft Server. Move the minecraftserver exe file over there but don't run it yet.

3. Go to your start menu type notepad if you are running windows 7 or just find it and run it if you are on something older.
Bring that up and down in the description you will see the code that I am going to paste into this document, "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe , basically the server is setup by default to reserve 100 mb for itself. That is pretty low, so Mojang recommends you to run the server with 1gb (1024mb) of memory, I'm only hosting a few friends and so I set mine to run with 512mb which seems to be Way more than enough. When the server is running and they are logged in the server still shows something like 85% free memory.

So decide how much memory you want to give the server and then hit save, change filetype to all, and give it a name like Run Minecraft Server .bat Navigate to save it where you have the minecraft server in.
Make sure you type .bat and also that you have seleted all files beneath that otherwise it will just make a text file with .bat as part of the name.

Ok now if you want you could create a shortcut of the .bat file on your desktop so you can just run that or even copy the shortcut to your windows startup folder so that when you turn on your computer hamachi has already loaded by default and now your server will also launch your server.

4. Go ahead and launch your server by running your .bat file or the shortcut on your desktop, also if you want it to have the cool minecraft icon for your shortcut. Right click on it select properties, then change icon. Hit browse and find either your minecraft exe or the minecraft_server.exe and the icon will pop up like so hit ok and ok again.

The first time you run the server it will create a folder called World and about 7 files where you have your Minecraft_server.exe stored. You might see that it says Not Enough RAM! at the top but keep in mind that by default it uses 100mb so 512mb as far as I know today is enough ram for a few people playing. when its done creating your world it will say Done! for help, type "help" or "?"

There are some settings you can change by editing the server properties file but those are necessary at this point so we won't even get into it.

I don't remember why at this point but you will want to type stop in the field at the bottom which saves and stops the server gently. I think it just doesnt load the server correctly when its is first creating the files or something to that effect, it cant hurt anyways, but do remember when you want to stop your server, to shutdown or restart your computer, make sure everyone has logged off and then type "stop"

5. Alright before we get to connecting some friends on your server you will want to launch the server again after stopping it that first time, then run and login to minecraft and we will hook you up so that you can log in to your own server.

There are 2 ways to do this after you click multiplayer. Since you are the host and the server is running on your machine, you can click direct connect and then type 'localhost' as one word.

to avoid have to type that everytime you run minecraft do this which is what your friends will have to do also..

click Add server, The server Name here does Not have to match what you set up in Hamachi it can be whatever you want to call it but the Server Address you will see at the top of hamachi next to the power button icon. This is Your IP address that the world can see, and so you want to type this in. Hit done and your good to go.

One other thing windows will pop up like you just connected to a new network when you join it on hamachi, tell your friends to just select 'home' not 'public' when that happens so that everything will work fine.

Windows Batch File Code:

for 512mb ram

"C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx512M -Xms512M -jar Minecraft_Server.exe

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