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How To Watch Hulu on Apple TV 2 iOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken Seasonpass

It may seem like a lot of steps but trust me this is Way simpler than it first appears, and also my method is easier than using commands to install XBMC and copy the bluecop repository over.

1. Jailbreak your Apple TV 2 using my tutorial here:

2. Make sure your apple tv is connected to your network and also write down the IP by going to Settings / General / Network   eg. 192.168.0.?? or 192.168.1.??

3. Direct Download Putty link: or or
Google search (first link): "putty download"

4. Run Putty as administrator. Either right click and chose 'Run as Administrator' every time
Right Click - Properties/ Compatibility tab - then check 'Run this program as administrator' at the bottom, hit OK

NOTE: *****Make sure you allow for any user account control or network access settings that pop up!*****

5. Enter you IP address - Click Ok
*****NOTE: Sometimes you get a security alert, make sure you click Yes*****

6. login: root  [press enter]  password: alpine {it doesn't show you typing it in, just type the keys and push [enter]}

7. type: apt-get update [press enter]

8. type: apt-get install com.nito.nitotv  [press enter] *****(if this code fails try ' apt-get -f install com.nito.nitotv ' )*****

Note: once you install NitoTV the FC (firecore) logo will go away on the Settings Icon, this is supposed to happen, don't worry your ATV2 is still Jailbroken :)

9. Go to NitoTV on your Apple TV 2 / choose 'Install Software'

10. install Open SSH and then XBMC-ATV2
*****NOTE: XBMC will take a minute or 2, you will think it froze but then it will start moving again and it will back out to the Apple TV main menu*****

11. You will see now on the main menu the XBMC icon/app.

12. Download ' ' From:

13. Download and Install Cyberduck (google)

14. Right click "Run Cyberduck as administrator"

15. Click: Open Connection

16. Select from drop down menu "SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) "

17. Type in your Apple TV 2's IP address

18. username: root  password: alpine

19. Navigate to private / var / mobile

20. Click on Action / choose Upload

21. Find and upload ' ' from your Downloads

22. Close CyberDuck and go back to your Apple TV

23. Now go to XBMC / System / Settings / Add-ons / Install from zip file / Home folder / and select ' ' which should be at the bottom.

NOTE*****Will seem like nothing is happening as it backs out but then you will see little message in bottom right corner.*****

24. Exit XBMC and then restart XBMC. go to Videos / Add-ons / Get More... / Hulu / then choose Install

25. Go back one step Videos/Add-ons hold down menu button with Hulu selected and select ' Add-on settings ' ****Bonus: Add Hulu to your "Favorites" so that you can just hit Menu at the XBMC Main screen to launch it.****

26. Enter your Hulu Username and Password, check Hulu Plus at the top if your account is

Almost done!

At this point is when I tried to actually run the Add-on or maybe when I tried to actually watch a show, I got the error that said "Script Failed..blah blah" So there is one more step that I did that got it working beautifully!

Final Step!!!: Launch Putty one more time, as administrator don't forget! Login again with root/alpine

Type:  apt-get upgrade [press enter]

Type: reboot [press enter]


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