Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Sisters Vegetable Garden - Update - 6/24/10

We were at my sisters today for a little while and only snapped a few pictures, though after dark realized I realized we should have gotten a whole garden shot at least.  She should really start a blog because she has a really Nice Vegetable garden going. And my brother-in-law keeps expanding it. They now have a 'back up' garden with more potatoes and tomatoes in it than their 'Garden'. And by more I mean probably over 50 tomato plants. . .

Banana Peppers

Green Peppers

Cayenne Peppers




  1. 94 tomato plants total, I think is what I ended up with,including all the extras dad started from seed and then had no place to put them, plus the ones we already had here.

  2. They look great, I can't wait for my banana peppers to get here so I can make home made salsa. I planted 2 rows of them in my garden.
    I'm not familiar with those bugs, but Japanese beetles have ate almost all the leaves off of my fruit trees :(

  3. Jon, I think you should come back and take some pictures when I have the weeds all pulled out... Showing my weedy gardens for all to see...humph! :)



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