Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Vegetable Garden Update - Tuesday 7/6/10

We just got back on Sunday evening from Vacation in Wisconsin visiting Nyssa's family for a week. Meanwhile my sister was stopping up to water and tend to our little Vegetable Garden.

It really Grew!

(Monday) A few Bush cucumbers were at the pickling size, just not enough of them to pickle yet. Although we went out there again today to water and found that smaller ones we had noticed the day before had doubled in size! Soon I imagine we will have a good amount to pickle. yum.

This is one we found today that we missed yesterday, or that grew a bunch more in one day.

Not a very good angle to show how much the potato plants have grown but I covered them up with as much straw as the box would hold and tomorrow will Have to add sides to go up a little higher so I can cover the rest of the plant up. There is a little group of blossoms on the top of one plant already!

Me shoving straw around potato plants. See how much the Tomato plant grew in a week!

I'm still covering the potatoes here and a good shot of how bushy the Cucumbers have gotten.

Will post some vacation stuff soon.

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  1. Your garden is looking great! I just recently picked my first cucumbers, too!



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