Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our First Vegetable Garden

Our first (little) garden here in Kirtland. I made the raised bed by taking two pieces of plywood and some left over stair treads and forming this "L" shaped box. It's only L shaped because the length of wood I had sitting around wouldn't allow me to go longer. I used some nails because they held pretty well and I didn't have any screws. First hammering the tip of the nail so they wouldn't split the wood. Then I filled it with some soil from a pile of what I thought was all top soil but in the end turned out to have more clay than I wanted. So, after the addition of some 4 5-gallon buckets of sand, 4- 5 gallon buckets of compost dirt from my sisters, and about of hour of hoeing we were ready to plant.

We got 2 green pepper plants, 1 cherry tomato plant and a pack of beans from Marc's for $1 each. Basil plant was closer to $2. Bush Cucumber plants for making pickles were $1.50 per double package (4 little plants, I think), anyways I got those off my sister also for about 6 bucks total. We also got some Dill seeds from Lowes for $1.50 or so.

Going to hit up some garage sales today, pick up some tomato cages from (again) my sister for the tomato plant, and whatever else comes up. Packed a lunch too!

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  1. Aw, such a great first garden! Good pictures.



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