Saturday, January 1, 2011

Evolution of the Dining Room Part 2

Remember a couple months ago when we showed you what our dining room area looked like when we first started working on our house? Crazy to think all that home improvement junk. . . ehemm I mean stuff fits down in the basement! Anyhow, since this is the first Christmas that our nice flooring has been down (Jon put it down this past summer) our house defiantly feels more homey! In the past we have always gotten together for a friend Christmas party at every house except ours . . . not anymore! Jon and I decided to host the Christmas Part this year! Of course now this meant I had to pick out a color and paint the dining room!!! Jon, prior to November had asked me (several times) to paint the dining room but with much indecisiveness I just couldn’t make up my mind on the color and direction I wanted to go. Decision time came but I wasn’t the only one formulating a plan! Jon, had his own little list of things to do including the idea of toying around with getting the fireplace working (more on this later) so we could enjoy it during our party. . . woohooo!

Having used SW paint in the past I was a bit disappointed that we decided to use Behr paint. We decided to use it partly because we thought it would be cheaper and partly because we live at either orange or blue and it is frankly more convenient! After finding a color on my SW color wheel “Honeydew” we headed over to the Behr paint to find one similar. After spending a good 30-45 minutes checking and re-checking for a color that didn’t exist close to “Honeydew” Jon and I turned around to find yet another display of Behr paint colors (duh, those weren’t there 15 minutes ago). This new found section was for the Behr primer/paint combo type paint that apparently comes in a ton more colors. . . yippy for me! We found 2 colors within minutes that were very close (as far as we could tell) to Honeydew and after much contemplation I choose Pale Cucumber UL200-13. We soon learned that 1 gallon was not enough for 2 coats and Jon ran back to get another gallon another day. Here are some progress pictures and the finished product with 3 coats.

Cutting In

Notice the outlets Jon quickly put in while the paint was barely dry!

I just love how the green turned out. . .heart heart! Once our dining room set was moved back in I put together my table decorations! I was going to find a nice classic modern tablecloth but Jon commented that he never really like tablecloths so we went in search of some placemats. I found a cute cheap option from Walmart, double border, rich black, vinyl placemats. They surprisingly don't look vinyl but more like a silvery metal material!

The theme for the rest of the table decorations was: A Bright Christmas. This inspiration came from the December Family Circle magazine (heart, heart to my mother for the subscription). All the glittery decor came from Marcs. The stems I placed in a vase and used silver Hersheys kisses as the filler to keep them up. It was funny to see people's reaction when they realized there were chocolate kisses in the vase!


  1. It turned out great! I love that green, too.

  2. Hey, I want some credit for the floor!

  3. It does look great! Time to refinance?



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