Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Christie Christmas Party

As mentioned Jon and I hosted our annual friends Christmas Party this year and boy did we have a great time! We both felt rewarded by having accomplished many of the things on our “List of thing to do before the Christmas Party.”
My List:
#1. Paint and decorate the dining room. See my previous post about how that all worked out!
#2 Plan and Prepare the main meal:

Jon had mentioned he would like some kind of meat that wasn’t turkey or ham (since ya know everyone has had plenty of that between Thanksgiving and Christmas), and after some thought I decided to make a brisket. Along with the brisket I decided to have mashed potatoes, salad, bread and of course brisket gravy, yummy! Everything went according to plan except maybe I should have bought the brisket a week in advance instead of the two days before the party since when I went to the store to buy it they didn’t have the big ones but only little ones for double the price, GREAT! So, when Jon called me after getting out of work I told him the situation and he suggested that we get his sister to go with us to Sam’s Club (since we don’t have a membership) and pick one up there. Unfortunately, his sister was not home but within moments Jon’s dad drove up in his truck to save the day!! You see Jon’s dad was on his way to Sam’s Club and he had a truck which meant Jon could check “Pick up firewood from Jon’s sister’s house” off his list. Check, Check! I cooked the brisket the way my mother had always done by cooking it overnight at a low temperature, it was so delicious!
#3 Clean, Clean, Clean – a very necessary part of party preparation
#4 Prepare h’ordeuvres

I prepared a simple cheese and cracker platter along with a bowl of white chocolate covered pretzels and a bowl of Hershey’s kisses. Since I had always wanted to serve wine and cheese we bought one white and one red wine to enjoy with the h’ordeuvres.
#5 Entertainment: I was hesitant to plan games at first but I’m glad I did as all 3 were a hit!
First game was something along the lines of the newlywed game (I think) where you have one spouse write down answers to questions about themselves and then you ask these same questions to their spouse to see how well they know each other. Here are Jon and my papers typed out, the yellow highlighted answers means the opposite spouse guessed the answer that was written down. Jon and I came in 2nd place loosing 1st place by one point! There were some funny and intense moments when easy questions were missed but as far as we know no one went home crying!

Second game of the night came at the dining room table. While I was getting the food set up for buffet style serving the guest sat down and well, you can guess from the picture!

Winner took home the Kisses!
Third game involved two themes: A Christmas Story (the movie) and Christmas Carols. I found a quiz with questions about A Christmas Story movie and then another with carol lyrics with missing words! Jon was on his own playing this one since I had looked up all the answers but Jon did so well on his own I’m sure I wouldn’t have contributed much!

Each couple with the most points at the end of each game got to choose one of the lovely wines under the Christmas tree to take home! Each couple ended up taking something home, how perfect!

Jon’s List
#1 Install outlets and light switch in dining room. Done!
#2 Get the fireplace/chimney ready for a fire!

This was an idea that we were not sure would be able to come to fruition since Jon had to see what all it involved! Of course my husband is amazing so you know a fire was part of our party! First, Jon had to put a chimney cap on top, however, at the time we thought the flue liner was busted so Jon fabricated steel mesh to set over top the chimney outlet. Next, he had to open the damper (which was stuck) and clean out the chimney. This was a gross project because we had had birds (chimney swifts) in the chimney in the past.

To our surprise though, there was only one measly nest! With all the noise those birds made I thought for sure there would be a dozen or more nests up there. Jon even found a “zombie bird” as he called it. . . nasty! Last thing that needed to be tackled was filling in some of the mortar that was missing in between the fire bricks. After finding some fire approved mortar Jon quickly patched it all up! Yippy, now to steal some firewood from his sister’s house!
#3 Pickup firewood from Jon’s sister’s house. Check, two birds with one stone remember.
#4 Salt the steps and walkway – a must if you want happy, unbroken friends!
#5 Miscellaneous stuff like installing air vent covers and a bedroom door: Jon installed air vent covers so our guest would not cut their feet on our potholes and needless to say heat was distributed better throughout the house. Installing a bedroom door was something we had wanted to do but hey with just us two living in the house all we needed was a bathroom door! The door wasn’t the easiest to install since neither the door nor the old house door jamb was perfect but I was so pleased to have a warmer bedroom and some privacy.

The party was a success! Between the games and food we conversed, laughed, enjoyed the fire, and even danced to the Christmas music playing in the background! It was a blast and we hope our friends had as much fun as we did!

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  1. We did have just as much fun, it was a great party, maybe the best friends Christmas party yet. You guys really did it right.

    Thanks for getting rid of the zombie bird, that would have really changed the party atmosphere if it would have started chewing on someones neck.



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