Friday, January 7, 2011

Our First Trip To Ikea

In light of the fact that Jon and I had the entire week off in between Christmas and New Year's day we decided to take a day trip, something I had always wanted to do. The night before our day trip I browsed over the Ikea website so I would know some of the things to look for when I got there! We really didn't have a long list of things we wanted to get, but we were looking forward to seeing the quality of the furniture we commonly see on craigslist and spending time together! The only things I decided I wanted to buy prior to the trip were this drying rack and this magnetic knife holder for our kitchen .

The closest Ikea to us was a little over a 2 hour drive so we arrived anxiously around noon and after a quick lunch at Chipotle we were ready to shop, shop, shop!

Let's just say I was Excited!

Some of the things we fell in love with included:

This white double bathroom cabinet/sinks, including the faucets and the drawer knobs!

And this large mirror! I guess I have a fetish for mirrors or maybe just large ones because I found three that I loved! This one was my favorite!
After a cinnamon roll and Mr. Pibb break we tackled the kitchen section and the rest of the store!

The cinnamon roll was delicious!

Here is one of the heart throb kitchens, I love the backsplash and hope to find some tile like that in a different color for my kitchen, someday!
Some of the things we purchased included two different types of hooks. One type was neat because when not in use they snapped up against the wall ( These other ones are simple but I thought they would be perfect to mount on the inside of my closet to hang necklaces on (! The sadness was that somehow these ones didn't make it home with us! We paid for them but couldn’t find them when we got home, guess we left them in the cart (sad face)!

We had been looking for some matching small whiskey glasses and we loved these plus they were only $4 for 6! We’ll take'em!

Amongst the many other lovely things, we didn’t buy, like bins of soft lamb’s skin, beautiful curtains, and tons of colorful pillows we found the drying rack and magnetic knife holder that I was hoping to find and tossed them into our cart! We also happened to find the perfect shade for the lonely kitchen nook that now only needs some leather chairs and a table!
After spending about 7 hours looking around we were tired and hungry! With a Christmas gift card in hand we headed over Olive Garden to enjoy a nice meal before we started our 2 hour drive home! We decided we didn’t want to take the tollway home so our trip home ended up taking about 3 hours since it was mostly obscure roads. Probably not the best idea we ever had but we made it home safely before midnight!

This is a picture of our finds, notice the lovely napkins Jon said I could buy and the wok Jon just had to have!

Here is the lovely nook shade, I can’t wait to get some chairs to go under it!

Jon and I had a lovely time and we can't wait for our next day trip together!


  1. Nyssa and Jon,

    I just love watching your home come together. I hope I can see it sometime soon. It makes me miss my house! Apartment living just isn't the same. Hugs and love to you both.

  2. You must not have got the memo, your not allowed to go to IKEA without us.

  3. Yeah me and barbie went to cincinatti's ikea for the girls bunks. We had to take furniture down to cathy we. Had fun but it took all day 4hrs down 4hrs shopping 4hrs back it was a long day but we also hit up chipotle for dinner

  4. that wok looks alot like those awesome Jamaican steel drums lol, and thats a cool knife magnet, i like your house :)



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