Thursday, July 22, 2010

What to do with your Homemade Iced Coffee - Iced Caramel Coffee

Step 1: Put some ice in glass.
Optional: Add just a bit of Simple Syrup to glass to sweeten (Caramel Syrup is usually sweet enough for me but you can buy sugar-free also)
Step 2: Shoot some Caramel Syrup into glass (3 pumps if you have one)
Step 3: Fill about 3/4 of glass with your Iced Coffee <--see how to make Iced Coffee
Step 4: Add Creamer, Half & Half till desired strength is reached and stir.

For a frappuccino sort of deal; make up the drink, freeze, then add more cream while blenderizing it!

Frapp recipe could use some change probably but worked for me so far


  1. I love any frozen drink! I need to train Mandy to make me more of them, the current rate of frozen beverage delivery is sporadic at best.

    I tried following your directions but something went wrong. I thing the "freeze" part of the instructions was the problem, you wrote, "For a frappuccino sort of deal; make up the drink, freeze, then add more cream while blenderizing it!"

    Its really hard to blend is when its a solid chunk of ice.

  2. Wow, I'm so confused by the way you log in and post comments. I somehow have two accounts now.

  3. Yeah, there was a more complicated why I read to make the frozen ones but I wasn't going to run out and buy heavy whipping cream or whatever it wanted. Maybe adding more cream before freezing would help. But basically I left it out till I could break it into a couple smaller chunks, then blended it. It took forever. Turned out well, but the process needs work.

    I would stick with your Name on here instead of mpower. I think it seems more personal that way.

  4. Wow, I can't even handle setting up an account on JonOfAllTrades! Arghhh! I can't get rid of one of my accounts and I have to go though a huge process every time I do anything, I'm doing something wrong as usual.

    I'll never be able to be a pickler! All I would be good at is pick the bugs off the plants. If I could get find employment doing that, I'd just do laps around your garden, watching for bugs to kick out.

  5. Is this Jon of all Trades or just Jon of Gardens and Coffee?

    I would like to see how your home A/V projects are coming. That and all the other remodel oriented stuff.

  6. Ha ha, not laughing.


    I know I guess I'll post about 'What' I'm doing, but would rather have posts that offered something more worthy than a facebook status update.
    Such is the battle in my head, and lack of significant, or any posts.

    Thanks for all the goofy, or serious comments. I thinkyou should make the cold brewed coffee. It is superior to cooling off hot coffee.

  7. Oh really. I'll mention it to my lady friend.

  8. Dear Mr. JonOfAllTrades,

    Why do Halogen bulbs burn out faster when I touch them?



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