Thursday, July 22, 2010

Garden Update - Thursday 7/22/10

Haven't had a garden update in awhile so. . .

So far we have pickled 17 Jars of Dill Pickles

Potato plants doing pretty well now that I stopped over-watering them. Two started to wither up and when I moved the straw away the stem down farther on one plant was very wet looking and broke completely off.

Pole beans growing nicely.

Flowering Pole Beans

If you look hit the picture and look at it larger you will see our Dill grew up very well, have medium sized flower heads right now.  Our first green pepper rotted up as seems to be the case with first fruits, but the other two seem to be ok so far. Cherry Tomato plant is loaded with little green tomatoes. And JalapeƱos are just about to start producing.

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